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Luminous Astral Cosmic Globe™

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Color: Astronaut
style: 6cm6cm color light connection
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Hold the vast expanse of the galaxy within your reach with our captivating innovation:

Embrace the entirety of the cosmos within the grasp of your hand with our extraordinary creation - the Celestial Nexus. This masterpiece, our Luminous Astral Cosmic Globe™, effortlessly melds the enchantment of the cosmos with cutting-edge 3D laser inner carving technology, unveiling a mesmerizing display that radiates a tranquil and luminous glow.

Beyond being a mere decorative item, the Luminous Astral Cosmic Globe™ transcends into a captivating conversation starter, an embodiment of cosmic wonder, and a wellspring of inspiration. Designed for those enthralled by the boundless beauty of the universe, this celestial marvel brings the awe-inspiring allure of distant galaxies and celestial bodies directly into the heart of your home.

As the ambient glow bathes your surroundings, immerse yourself in the intricate details of the cosmic tableau meticulously etched within. The Luminous Astral Cosmic Globe™ transcends traditional decor, serving as a portal to the cosmic wonders that captivate the imagination. Elevate your living space with a touch of the cosmos, sparking curiosity and contemplation, making it an ideal addition for anyone who finds solace and inspiration in the grandeur of the universe.

Product information:

Material: White crystal
Category: Crystal Ball
Purity: Deer, Milky Way, Solar System, Saturn, Love Cloud, Astronaut, Moon, Elsa, Strolling in the Starry Sky, Cute Bear, Cloudy Rain, Rose, Little Astronaut, Starry Little Prince, Clover, Birthday, Ferris Wheel, Iron Tower, Falling in Love with Your Day, Earth, Dandelion, Ballet Girl, Unicorn, Whale, Football, Basketball, Best Friend, Smooth Sail, Exquisite Gift Box
Dimensions: 6cm ball+6cm circular warm light connection base, 6cm ball+6cm circular colored light connection base, 8cm ball+7cm circular warm light connection base, 8cm ball+7cm circular colored light connection base
Style: Modern and minimalist

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Night light * 1