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Size: 6-Angles
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Our  multi angle foldable ruler is a measurement tool for every handyman’s toolbox. If you want to take your skills to the next level, this will get you there. With a design that can measure the most difficult angles, scribbling will be faster than ever.

It is an essential tool for every skilled worker to have. It makes plotting, measuring and choosing how to execute a task significantly easier. All you need is the ruler, and you’ll quickly find yourself willing to try bolder ideas for construction or whichever type of work.



Functions of the Multi Angle Foldable Ruler

The precise cuts gained from using this hand tool isn’t just going to make you pro, they’ll give you the chance to naturally learn how to determine better angles. Scribbling and measuring tricky angles is usually a process that leaves many skilled workers hesitant due to the risk of building something that falls apart.

The multi angle foldable ruler is ideal for roofing angle cuts. If you are trying to determine the best measurements and angles while roofing, this tool makes things better to see. Additionally, scribling the shapes of objects doesn’t have to take too long compared to a regular ruler. The multi-angle ruler completely gives you the opportunity to draw up models and frames to contour at an angle.

The lightweight build makes it easy to carry, so it won’t be a burden to your toolbox.  The tool is durable enough to survive falls and give accurate measurements regardless of the awkward angles being measured.

For masonry, the tool provides an opportunity to quickly learn where to place tile angles and measure tile angle cuts. Placing bricks and paving stones will also be less technical thanks to the tool. For floor angled joints, it allows you to use creative placements and scribe with certainty.

The applications of this multi angle foldable ruler are numerous. This makes it essential for woodworkers, carpenters, brick masons, boat builders, tile layers, joiners, metal workers, handymen and trade professionals in general. Precise measurements and perfect cuts are extremely important in these professions, so having something to boost your specialization in that skill will elevate any handyman to a pro level.

With the multi angle foldable ruler, you’ll be the guy everyone gives a phone call when they need some work done.