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Snow Removal Tool

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Color: Black (2pcs) + Brush
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Easily Scrapes Ice Off Your Glass Windows Without Scratching!

Ice-Scraping will be so much faster and easier with this! This Magical Car Ice Scraper is designed with double scraping action for super-efficient scraping. Clear frozen windows three times faster than traditional ice scraper! Very comfortable grasp for ice-scraping with ease. It’s an ice-scraping wonder!

SCRAPE ICE OFF AS EASY AS  1, 2, 3: It only takes just one swipe with this funnel  — goodbye frost! It is heavy-duty that even the most stubborn ice doesn’t stand a chance.

DUAL ACTION FUNNEL: The wider surface of the funnel serves as a scraper, while the opposite end serves as an ice breaker.

REMOVES TWICE AS MUCH SNOW: With its wide diameter, it scrapes a wider surface area as compared to traditional ice scrapers.

NO GLASS SCRATCHES: The cone is made of smooth ABS plastic. Its smart bevel design cuts snow and glides on the glass surface, thus no scratches!

WORKS IN ANY DIRECTION: Work in a circular motion or just straight on, it doesn’t matter because it still removes ice either way.

Important Information

Material: Plastic and rubber
Weight: 71g
Size: 20*31*4cm

Package Content:
2x scraper + Brush