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Magical Water Painting Doodle Pen

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Refill Color: 12 Color Set Floating Pen
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1.The Floating Automatically in Water design makes it insoluble in water, and the drawn animals, flower, trees, ect. can float freely on the water.

2.Water painting will arouse children's curiosity. Use this floating whiteboard pen to paint on the ceramic spoon. When encountering water, the drawn pattern will float by itself, as if there is life, which is very interesting! Children can experience the joy of crafting! It's conducive to the children's sensory development. This is also a fun game for family and friends gatherings. Find Innocence together!

3.Quick-drying, smooth writing, no ink leakage. The water-based ink is easily wiped off with a cloth without leaving any trace.

4.With certified non-toxic ink and special low odor formula, it is harmless to human body.

5.The colors are bright and clear, which is suitable for children's graffiti on paper, writing and drawing in classroom lectures and office meetings as well.


Product information:
Size: 12.2cm
Name: Internet celebrity floating pen/marking pen
Color: 12 colors
Pen head: plastic wear-resistant pen head
Ink: water-based erasable
Uses: various marks, greeting cards, personalized posters, paintings, widely used.
Specification: 12 colors/set

Packing list:
Floating pen*12


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