Magnetic Foldable Broom⁠

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Color: Blue 2 Piece Set
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Magnetic Self-Cleaning Foldable Broom is the perfect cleaning solution for busy people on the go. This broom is easy to fold and store, so you can take it wherever you go. The built-in self-cleaning mechanism ensures that your broom stays clean and free of dirt and debris. The magnet holds the broom and dustpan together, so you don’t need to worry about losing one.

  • This foldable broom is perfect for a quick clean-up.
  • The magnetic bristles attract all the dirt and dust, so you don’t have to worry about missed spots.
  • The head can be folded so you can clean tight areas.


Product Information:
Color: Orange [magnetic type] 2-piece set, Orange [magnetic type] 3-piece set, Blue [magnetic type] 2-piece set, Blue [magnetic type] 3-piece set, green [magnetic type] 2-piece set, Green [magnetic type] 3-piece set, white【 buckle type] 2-piece set, white【 buckle type] 3-piece set, Green [common style] 2-piece set, beige [common style] 2-piece set, Rice [wiper] 1-piece set
Material: polypropylene (pp)

Packing list:
Broom set*1


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