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Vegetable Slicer - Manuel (Full Set)

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Color: Light Yellow
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Create Healthy Meals And Snacks Within Seconds

Our veggie slicer provides the ultimate way to slice and shred up those Healthy treats all year round!


Our slicer is the perfect kitchen gadget for busy professionals or individuals who want to simplify after-work life and just make life in the kitchen easier




✓ DON'T WANT TO SPEND ALL DAY COOKING? - Save time during the early morning rush hour, or just make your life easier in the kitchen. 

 ARE YOU A PARENT OR MOM? -  The Slicer is perfect for you, there is no better time to get the kids eating and cooking healthy. Skip takeaways and cook them up some healthy delicious greens in minutes.

✓ WANT TO EAT HEALTHIER THIS YEAR? -  Well, now you can. Get perfect slices every single time that not only tastes good but looks good too. Impress Family and Friends when they come over. 

✓ DO YOU WANT TO SAVE MONEY? - Eating healthy organic food out all the time can end up costing a fortune, now you can make your own at home for half the price.


  • Enhanced sticky vacuum base with manual latch
  • Easily grates hard, and cleanly slices tender and soft ripe tomatoes.
  • Special instruction: When cutting fruits or vegetables, thicker slices are achieved by pushing.
  • The enforced spinning wheel rotates smoothly and easily even while grating the harder cheeses.


        Question: What can I shred with this? Can I shred Onion or Cheeses?

        Answer: Yes, it works perfectly well with most vegetables (zucchini, carrot, cucumber, onion, potato, etc). You can also shred Cheeses and nuts.

        Question: Does the grater housing easily come off for cleaning, or do i have to place the whole thing underwater?

        Answer: The grater is completely detachable as seen in the picture above, making cleaning a breeze.


        Question: What are the blades made out of and how many come in the package?

        Answer: The box grater has 3 grating blades: 1 slicing blade, 1 coarse blade, and 1 fine shredding blade. The blades are also FDA approved Stainless Steel.

        Question: My shipping despatch time is taking longer than usual, what is going on?

        Answer: Peak periods, public holidays and high demand could sometimes lead to your order taking a little longer to ship. If this is the case, do not worry, it will be dispatched as soon as it is processed. Use the contact form if you need to contact us.

        Package Includes:

        • 1 x Mandoline Slicer
        • 3 x Blade Drums