Hummingbird Feeder - Birds Feeding Station

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Color: Blue
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Hummingbird Feeders for Outdoors - 30 Feeder Ports, Leak-Proof Hanging Window Wild Bird Feeder for Outside Garden Yard Patio Decor, Easy to Clean and Fill, Built-in Moat


--Different faces sparkle like diamonds in the sun, attracting hummingbirds

 --Unique filling system that simply pours sugar and water to the correct level, no external measurement required

 --Heavy-duty construction for long life and durability

 --Large coat hanger hook diameter for easy hanging anywhere

--Disc diameter: 20cm

Product information:

material: plastic
Specifications: Hexagonal bird feeder
Disk diameter: 20cm
Plate thickness: 8cm
(Pan + hook) height: 30cm