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Metal Plate Cutter

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Color: Black
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Perfectly Cut Any Metal Plate

Do you have trouble every time you cut sheet metal and make mistakes or even accidentally injure yourself? Don’t let metal-cutting affect your work anymore, instead use our Metal Plate Cutting Tool

 Zezzo® Fast Metal Plate Cutter | eBay

Easy cutting: Quickly cut stainless steel plate, iron, copper, aluminum, metal mesh, and even plastic board, FRP fiber, PVC board, cardboard, and other hard plates.

Smoothing cutting: The dual parallel circular blade design will make the cutting process smoother and time-efficient.

Sharp: Always extremely sharp, making the material cutting more orderly while ensuring your safety. The design of this tool takes cutting tools to a new level

Strong and durable: The durable hardened steel blade is built to last, ensuring that no matter what happens to it, accidental or not, the Metal Plate Cutting Tool can handle it. Built with a compact design for easy transportation and storage, the tips of the blades are dull as to not puncture tool bags or pant pockets. 


Material: Metal

Material: Aluminum alloy
Style: Simple

Features: Cutting
Colour: black

Size: 18x8x4.5cm

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Sheet metal cutter*1