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Windshield Cover - Multi-Weather Magnetic

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Are you always scratch your car windshield while in snowy winter? Are you always late for work cause you need much time for cleaning the snow or frost?

✅Now windshield snow cover solve all your problems! You just need to set off it and shake off all the snow in the morning, you will see a new clear front windscreen covering our windshield cover!

✅Windshield snow cover suitable for most car trucks and SUVs. Foldable & flexible, better protect your car windshield from frost and snow in winter.


Multi Purpose: This amazing product shields you from the harsh effect of weather elements such as ice, frost, snow, sun, UV. No More Scraping. No more Frozen Wipers. Protect your wiper and windshield

Perfect Design: With the aid of 6 magnets, the windshield snow cover is firmly attached to the car and grips the snow car cover in place. With the Double deck packaging magnet, your vehicle is ever protected from scratches

Easy to Install: Produced for ease and convenience. This windshield cover can be installed in few minutes as no tool and an extra hand is required

Universal Size: Designed with a universal dimension to fit perfectly into Cars, Vans, Minivans, SUVs, MPVs, F250, F650.

Easy to store: The product is equipped with a special storage bag and folding compact. This way, it can be placed in the trunk or cab after use

Why do we need a car windshield snow cover?

In spring - car windshield snow cover can protect your windscreen from dust or bird droppings.

In summer - car windshield snow cover can protect your vehicle from UV damage and lower down the temperature inside of your car.

In autumn - car windshield snow cover can protect from leaves, bird poops, and frost.

In winter - car windshield snow cover can help your car windshield prevent from freezing or snow-covered

Material: Aluminum
Package comes with: 1 x Smart Windshield Cover
Color: Silver side for summer | Black side for winter

Package Content:
1x cover