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Multifunctional Physiotherapy Foot Massager

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Color: Groove
Electrical outlet: EU
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Alleviate Muscle Tension: This massager effectively diminishes tension in your legs, calves, and feet through a realistic kneading simulation. It's akin to having your personal masseuse at your disposal.

Enhance Blood Circulation: With its intelligent hot compress feature, the massager not only warms your muscles but also promotes improved blood flow. Picture it as a nurturing embrace that enhances your overall well-being.

Practical Stimulation: As the soothing heat permeates your muscles, it fosters relaxation, providing you with an at-home spa experience you never knew you needed.

Day-long Relief: Whether coming home after a taxing day at the office or extended periods of standing, indulge in swift relaxation. It's akin to immersing your feet in a warm bath, tailored for instant relief.

Product information:
Material: PU sponge
Voltage: 12V2A
Function: four button, respectively switch, kneading wheel turn left and right, red light turn on Button, strength button

Packing list:
Foot Massager*1

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