Multifunctional Universal Travel Power Adapter

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Color: Black
Electrical outlet: EU
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Say goodbye to the inconvenience of carrying multiple adapters. This universal travel power adapter serves as your comprehensive charging solution for all devices, ensuring seamless power access wherever your adventures unfold. With its versatile, all-in-one plug design, you can effortlessly charge up in more than 150 countries

Your Travel Partner in a Compact Form:

Designed to be compact and lightweight, it effortlessly slots into any nook of your suitcase or backpack, allowing ample space for your essential belongings. This travel companion is the perfect lightweight addition that won't burden you or encroach on valuable packing space.

Versatility within Reach:

Effortlessly toggle between US, UK, EU, and AUS plugs using a straightforward slide-and-lock mechanism. Whether you're enjoying tea in London or sipping coffee in Sydney, this adapter has you covered. As flexible as your travel plans, it effortlessly adjusts to your requirements.

Power Up Several Devices at Once:

With numerous USB ports, this adapter allows you to charge three devices simultaneously. This ensures your phone, tablet, and e-reader can all receive a boost together. It's akin to possessing a power bank that never runs out of charge itself!

Effortless Passage Through Airport Security:

Not only is this adapter highly practical, but it also complies with regulatory standards, minimizing the likelihood of encountering any complications during airport security checks. It's the seamlessly efficient accessory that ensures a hassle-free journey.

Product information:
Adaptation standard: multinational countries

Conversion hole number: 4 digits
Number of jacks: 2 5 holes
Port type: 4USB port
Charging standard: QC18W
Input parameter: AC 100-240V
Output parameters: DC 5V 2.4A
Output power: 18W power cable
Overall size: 50*50*65mm

Packing list:

1* charging seat