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Battery Testing Tool

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Never again get caught with a dead household battery.

The Digital Battery Tester Power is a handy tool for anyone who has a battery-powered device. This battery tester allows you to check the battery power of any device that uses a single or multiple AA, AAA, C, D, or 9V batteries. Simply plug the battery tester into the device and press the on button. A display will show the voltage of the battery and a beep will sound when the battery is at full power. A red light will indicate a low battery and a green light will indicate a good battery.

Digital LCD Battery Level Tester –

HIGH COMPATIBILITY: It is not only suitable for AA, AAA, C, CR123A, D, 9V, N, CR2, CRV3, 2CR5, CR-P2 cylindrical battery testing, but also good for checking a wide variety of button cell batteries.

LCD Screen: The easy-to-use analyzer shows that you need to know the health of the battery. It will accurately show whether the battery is in a poor, weak or good voltage state.

High Compatibility Test Range: C, AAA, D, N, 9V (6F22) and 1.5V button battery (3V untestable).

QUICK RESULTS: Simply place a battery into the decent battery detector, it will show you quickly the status of your batteries’ health by using bars, helps you avoid battery damage from unnecessary recharges. Suitable for carbon, zinc, alkaline and rechargeable batteries.

REMARKABLY COMPACT: One of the smallest and lightest portable battery checker. A pocket-friendly compact chassis with an anti-slip finish enables a firm grip in your hand for battery checking.

Product information:
Material: ABS
Color: silver
Size: 92*63*14mm
Battery: 1*button battery (not included)

The package includes:
1 x battery tester