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Kitchen Silicone Dough Rolling Mat

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Color: Pink Pad
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Say goodbye to sticky messes and uneven dough rolls! Introducing our New Large Silicone Band Scale Non-slip Dough Rolling Pad – your secret to effortless, precise baking every time

Effortless Dough Prep: Roll out dough effortlessly without any sticking. This silicone pad guarantees a seamless rolling process, eliminating the need for excessive flour or tedious scraping.

Effortless Cleanup: Say goodbye to scrubbing! With this silicone pad, cleaning is a breeze. A simple wipe-down is all it takes, no soaking required.

Expansive Workspace: Revel in the vast surface area, perfect for rolling out pizza dough, bread, or cookies. It's like having your own culinary playground, ready for your creative touch.

Preserves Countertops: Safeguard your countertops from scratches with this protective mat, shielding them from knives, cookie cutters, and other utensils.

Multi-Purpose: Extend its utility beyond baking; employ it for candy making, bread kneading, or portion freezing. Truly, the Swiss Army knife of kitchen essentials.

Ideal Thickness: Strike the perfect balance between thickness and stability. This mat offers just the right amount of cushioning for seamless dough rolling while ensuring a sturdy base.

Product information:
Applicable occasions for gifts: Birthday
Material: Silicone
Style: modern simplicity
Category: dough kneading
Decoration: manual baking
Function: knead dough baking, etc.
Specifications: 60*40 thick yellow pad, 60*40 thick green pad, 60*40 thick pink pad

Packing list:
Silicone surface pad X1 sheets Product Image: