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New Style Self-Wringing 360° Flat Mop

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Color: Blue With 4Rags
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Say goodbye to dirty floors with the New Style Large Flat Mop! This 360-degree rotating mop is perfect for all types of flooring, offering strong water absorption and making home cleaning a breeze. Effortlessly achieve spotless floors with this versatile, efficient, and easy-to-use mop.


Effortless Cleaning:

Experience hassle-free cleaning with this New Style Self-wringing 360° flat mop, turning a tedious task into a swift and easy activity. Its unique structure and rotating mop head allow you to clean even the most difficult corners, ensuring comprehensive cleanliness.

Hands-Free Wringing:

Eliminate the need for manual wringing with this mop's smart design. The built-in automatic water-squeezing feature keeps your hands clean and dry, making your cleaning routine more hygienic and convenient.


Gentle on Surfaces

Whether your floors are hardwood, tile, or laminate, this mop is gentle on every surface. The fine fiber mop head sweeps away dirt like a soft touch, avoiding scratches or damage. It provides the tender care your floors need to stay spotless.

Precise Corner Cleaning

Designed to tackle tough spots, this mop excels at cleaning corners. The triangular head nestles perfectly into tight spaces, ensuring thorough cleaning everywhere. It's like having a tool that magically removes dirt from every hidden nook.


Product Information:
Category: Flat mop
Mop materials: fine fiber
Type of dust mop: cloth cover type
Mop Rod material: Stainless steel
Load-bearing of the mop Rod: more than 10kg
Color: white 2 rags, blue 2 rags

Packing List:
1 * mop+2 * cloth Product Image: