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Shelf - Adjustable Width

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Color: 50-80cm
Sizing guide

Increase storage space by creating a multifunctional home partition.


With Adjustable Tension Shelf, the future of wall shelves is here with a smarter choice that makes it easier than ever to upgrade your room décor and storage

Not only will the Adjustable Tension Shelf add a touch of elegance to your room, but it also offers easy storage and perfect leveling every time with no measuring needed. This decorative shelf adjusts to fit spaces from 23 to 120CM


  • Shelf Storage

Provide storage for your small items by adding an extra shelf to you space between the walls.

  • Hanging Storage

The shelves can be moved around or removed to hanging rods for hanging your larger items.

  • Easy Installation

Installation is easy, with just align brackets to your walls; then secure them by extending the rods. No drill, nails or tools needed.

  • Different Sizes

These shelves come in different sizes to accommodate homes and walls of all sizes, please measure the space between your walls to find the one best suited for you.

  • Premium Quality

Made of Stainless steel composite pipe and ABS; The head of both end with an anti-slip pad.

  • Wide Applications

Suitable for wardrobe, cupboard, bathroom, kitchen, living room, above washing machine, above refrigerator, bookcase, utility rooms, garages, etc.


Size: 23-30CM, 38-55CM, 50-80CM, 75-120CM

Color: White

Materials: Stainless steel, ABS plastic


1x Adjustable Tension Shelf

  • This storage rack is freely scalable and can be used in stacks.
  • Easy to clean and partition.
  • Can be used to place toiletries in the bathroom. Used for placing tableware in the kitchen.
  • With guardrails, items are not easy to slide and enable quick use of operating procedures.
  • The product is moisture and oil-resistant and not easy to fall off.
  • Increases storage space and frees up space to accommodate more.



Material: Plastic

Width size: 10cm

Length size:23-30cm/38-55cm/50-80cm/75-120cm

Use: Kitchen, Bathroom, Closet, Balcony, Wardrobe, Bedroom, Living Room, etc.