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Notebook cooling bracket

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Color: Silver
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Light and Simple Notebook Computer Holder.

Keep your portable notebook computer cool with the Cooling Bracket. The Cooling Bracket is a low-profile, two-piece bracket that attaches to the back of your laptop to allow the air to flow over the bottom of your laptop. The bracket is lightweight and can be easily installed and removed.

0.3cm, Slim and Simple: Perfect hidden design, never affect the overall appearance.

Comfortable Working at One Turn: Foldable design with firm support, enjoy life from easy office working.

Close at One: Turn. Light and Portable for Travelling. Easy closed storage, hidden and light design, conveniently stored in the computer bag.

All-aluminum Invisible Fitting: All aluminum alloy, same color with iP notebook, perfectly integrated overall appearance.

8° Inclination Angle Design: More Comfortable to Tap the Keyboard. The angle of the notebook can be perfectly adjusted to the inclination of 8°, never hurt your hands in office work.

Widely Compatible: Applicable to notebook computers of 11.6-17 inch.



Style: folding
Size: 23XX60.4cm