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Pain Relief Smart Knee Pad Massager

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Color: Black
Electrical outlet: USB
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Goodbye knee discomfort, hello Home Fashion Smart Knee Pad Massager—where relief meets style and innovation!

This product integrates ergonomic design and physical massage techniques to provide multifaceted benefits. By employing air pressure massage, vibrating ball massage, constant temperature hot compress, and red light therapy (wavelength: 600-700nm), it enhances blood circulation and alleviates joint discomfort effectively.

Experience Five-in-One Relief:

  1. Comprehensive Knee Care: Offers holistic support for your knees.
  2. Alternating Massage: Combines air pressure kneading and vibration massage for diverse relief.
  3. Constant Temperature Comfort: Provides soothing thermal moxibustion.
  4. Red Light Therapy: Utilizes red light irradiation for additional rejuvenation.
  5. Magnet Assistance: Enhances the overall soothing effect, aiding in knee fatigue relief and injury recovery.

Multi-frequency vibration massage: Unlike traditional high-frequency motors, our low-intensity motors provide gentle yet effective massage without causing discomfort to the knees. This innovative feature simulates three distinct massage techniques, targeting the knee joint deeply to ease muscle tension and alleviate pain.

Three-level Thermal Energy Regulation: Our advanced far-infrared carbon fiber heating technology delivers targeted warmth to the knee joint. With three adjustable temperature settings (41°C low temperature, 45°C medium temperature, 48°C high temperature), it enhances blood circulation and prevents the discomfort of cold legs from affecting the entire body.

Eight Far-infrared Lights for Deep Penetration: Equipped with eight far-infrared lights emitting visible red light with a power density of 630-650nm, our knee pads penetrate deep into the subcutaneous tissue (10-15mm), revitalizing the knee joint and promoting vitality.

Product Name: Knee Pad PG-2015F3
Product color: black white
Lithium battery: 3.7V DC 3000mAh
Input power: 10w
Charging power supply: 5V DC 1A (USB)
Heating temperature: + 38°C~+ 48°C
Air pressure: 200mmHg

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Host+usb charging cable+manual*1