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PivotPro Self-Adhesive Revolving Furniture Mover

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Model: Set of 4
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These adhesive furniture mover wheel rollers are crafted for the easy relocation of hefty furniture. With a complete rotating feature, they offer seamless movement in all directions, simplifying the process of rearranging your living space. The reliable adhesive guarantees a firm attachment to furniture items, and their robust construction ensures they can endure substantial weight




  1. Smooth, rounded edges with no burrs or cuts.
  2. Robust rollers that are wear-resistant and provide a smooth glide.
  3. Crafted from excellent materials for durability and strength.
  4. Self-adhesive, making them suitable for a variety of storage boxes.

Product information:
Type: furniture pulley
Applicable: storage box, trash can, bedside table, etc.
Material: ABS 304 stainless steel
Specifications: 4 Pack
Scope of Application: Bottom of storage box
Material: Plastic Steel stainless steel

1 X PivotPro Self-Adhesive Revolving Furniture Mover