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PrintMagic™ Digital Printing Camera

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Color: Green
Electrical outlet: USB
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 Moments Captured Instantly:

Memories Forever: Embrace the power of instant capture, where each moment is preserved and ready to be cherished forever. Our camera printer turns fleeting moments into lasting memories in the blink of an eye.

Say Farewell to Ink Hassles:

Tired of dealing with the exorbitant costs of ink cartridges? Our solution eliminates the need for expensive ink replacements. Say goodbye to ink-related frustrations and embrace a more cost-effective and convenient printing experience. Enjoy the freedom from constant ink worries with our innovative approach.


Add a Splash of Color to Your World:

Picture transforming your recently printed photo into a canvas for creativity. This camera empowers both children and adults to infuse their personal touch into photos using colored pencils.


Premium Prints with Clarity:

Delivering a remarkable 200dpi resolution, this camera printer doesn't just provide convenience; it ensures superior quality. Your photos and texts will exhibit crystal-clear precision, turning each print into a delight to behold.

It goes beyond mere printing; it marks the commencement of a creative adventure.


Product name: M2 children's printing camera
Print resolution: 200DPI
Product function: photography/video recording/games/printing
Printing mode: thermal black and white printing
Photo pixel: 48 million pixels for front and rear dual photography
Supporting paper: thermal paper, thermal adhesive
Storage medium: TF card (<32GB)
Battery capacity: 1200 mah
Screen size: 2.4 inch IPS screen
Input voltage: 5V=1A
Size: 90x90x40.5mm

Package list: 

Print camera * 1, silicone protective sleeve * 1, thermal printing paper * 2, lanyard data cable * 1 sticker * 1