Pro MobiPrint™ A4 Portable Thermal Printer

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Color: Black
Electrical outlet: USB
Sizing guide

Features :

Portable Printer - Phomemo M08F is a Mobile Printer compact and portable, 80% smaller in size and weight than traditional printers, effortless to hold with one hand. The thermal printer is suitable for any scenarios that require mobile printing in business/travel/car/office/school. For example, print invoices, contracts, lists and exam documents contracts on site.

Leading Portable Printing Technology - Phomemo M08F travel printer adopts thermal printing technology, which no longer needs ink, toner and ribbon, only needs A4 thermal paper, Easy printing wherever you need it. (Recommended to buy Phomemo original thermal paper together for clearer printing, not compatible with plain paper)

High Compatibility - Not only M08F portable printers wireless for travel supports IOS, and Android mobile phones by Bluetooth connection, but also support USB connection for MAC and Windows 7/8/10. (PC does not support Bluetooth connection, ONLY supports connection via USB cable, Drive website: www.m08f.phomemo.com)

Big Battery Capacity - Phomemo M08F wireless printer built in 1200mAh rechargeable battery. Can print 120 sheets of A4 thermal paper continuously. NOTE: A4 thermal paper is longer and narrower than US letter. The size is the international standard A4 size(8.27 x 11.6 inches).

4 Reasons To Choose Phomemo M08F Portable Printer:

Superb Portability :Compare to traditional printers, Phomemo M08F is so light and slim that you can carry them wherever you want. Always keep your print require is not be limited anywhere. (Size: 2.66"x12.2")


Inkless Printer Portable: Phomemo M08F has superior thermal printing technology without requiring ink, ink cartridges, or ribbons, printing only requires thermal paper, enabling printing anytime, anywhere.

Convenient Charging: Come with USB Type-C cable can connect to laptop/car/AC adapter to charge. Built-in high-capacity battery, one charge can print up to 120 pages in 2.5 hours.

M08F High Quality A4 Thermal Paper: Add Phomemo M08F Portable Printer and A4 thermal paper (8.26"x11.69") to the shopping cart and buy them together to make your print quality better and clearer.

Product information:

Model: M08F
Connection: Mobile phone, tablet Bluetooth connection, PC can only use USB cable connection
Printing Technology: Thermal Printing
Paper Type: Only Thermal Paper
Printing Color: Monochrome(only black and white)
Paper : 21X29.7cm( A4 )

Product size: 310x67x40 (mm)

Printing Speed: 13mm/s
Input: 5V 2A
Charging time: 2.5H
Standby time: 30 Days

1. The only consumable is Phomemo A4 thermal paper, no ink is needed.
2. Must use a USB cable to use the PC, and you cannot use Bluetooth to connect to the PC.
3. Please keep the thermal paper in a room temperature and dark environment, and it can be stored for up to ten years.
Note: Overheating of the machine can cause paper jams!!!
If the pattern is too complex or large shaded pattern, the machine needs to process too much information and the machine will easily overheat, resulting in a paper jam.
Do not transfer complex patterns continuously, you need to wait until the cover is opened to allow the machine to cool down sufficiently. Touch the thermal metal print head to see if the machine is cool.

Packing list:

Printer+Charging line+instructions