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Pro ZenNeck Electric Massager Shawl

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Color: Gray
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Unwind your neck and shoulders on the go.

  1. Alleviate stress and tension.
  2. Experience profound muscle relaxation.
  3. Enhance blood flow circulation.
  4. Customize settings to suit your preferences.

Embark on a journey of relaxation and renewal with the exquisite Pro ZenNeck Electric Massager Shawl – your unparalleled sanctuary from the rigors of daily stress!

Indulge in Tranquility: Delve into an oasis of serenity as the cutting-edge cervical kneading technology of the kit effortlessly melts away tension knots, providing unparalleled comfort to your neck and shoulder muscles.

Bask in Divine Warmth: Immerse yourself in the luxurious warmth facilitated by our built-in heating feature, elevating blood circulation and introducing an additional dimension of relaxation to your path towards tranquility.

Versatile Elegance: The Pro ZenNeck Electric Massager Shawl effortlessly integrates acupoint therapy, body heating, and customizable intensity settings, all crafted to align with your distinct preferences.

Revitalize and Enjoy: Powered by a practical rechargeable battery, our package stays by your side, delivering uninterrupted relaxation on your journeys.

Enhanced Elegance: With precision in design, the Pro ZenNeck Electric Massager Shawl features a refined buckle design, ensuring a secure fit for a consistently serene experience.

Ideal Gift: Spread the joy of serenity to those dear to you! Whether for yourself or a beloved companion, the Pro ZenNeck Electric Massager Shawl is a considerate expression that resonates deeply.

Immerse yourself in the tranquility you've earned—welcome the Pro ZenNeck Electric Massager Shawl into your space and commence a voyage of unmatched relaxation and calm. Elevate your self-care regimen today!

Product Information:
Power type: Rechargeable
Color: light brown rechargeable (color box), Gray rechargeable (color box)
Gear: 2 gear
Function: Timing
Size: 120cmX15cm
Charging method: USB

Packing List:
Polyester shoulder and neck instrument X1