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Travel chair - Retractable

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Whether you’re indoors or outdoors. Folding Stool is a truly ergonomic, height adjustable chair that lets you relax whilst maintaining a good posture.

With this retractable stool, you’ll no longer have to go through all those pains just to enjoy the beauty that is around you.
This super portable stool collapses down to practically nothing, so you can take it anywhere!

Portable Folding Stool™ Convenient Camping Chair – The Cube Level | Folding  stool, Unique stools, Portable stool

 This is also a great Portable Folding Stool to keep around a home or camper that is short on space.

Portable Folding Stool — thehomenhome

SIZE: When not in use, these stools are a mere 2.5 inches thick and 9.8 inches in diameter. At this size they can be stored under sofas and beds, in a cabinet, in ottomans, or tucked in small cubbies.

When you fully extend the stool out to its maximum height, it'll measures 18.1 inches tall, though you can set it at any level between their for the perfect height for you. This ability to adjust the height makes it a great stool for both children and adults. The seat is 9.8 inches wide which should accommodate most bums

Adjustable: To get this stool open you simply need to put your fingers in the holes on both sides and stretch it out while rotating, just like an accordion! As it expands you can decide which height you need and set it in place by rotating the catches in places. Seriously, it's that easy! When you need to retract the stool, just pull out and rotate the opposite way. Once the catches unlock, just push both ends together to collapse it. 

Wave-shaped Unique Folding Design: The unique locking clasp system allows the foldable stool to open and close easily in just seconds, and it locks firmly in place once opened, quality and soft perfect. you will feeling great!


Safe and Stable: Made of high strength and toughness nylon ABS. Heavy-duty materials for long-lasting durability. The internal structural design is unique which makes the stool extra strong and safe and can effortlessly hold up to 350 lbs(160kg)!


Material: high quality nylon+ABS plastic
Height: 18"(47cm) >> 12 positions
Seat dimensions: 10.2"(26cm) diameter
Maximum load: 200KG
Weights: 1.2KG
Strap length: 43"(110cm)
Application: travel, hiking, museums, shows, picnics, camping, fishing, outdoor events, can be used on the bus/ subway/ train station/mountain/outdoor beach

Package Include:
1 PC Telescopic Chair