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Knife - Rolling & Circular Style

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Effortless cutting of all types of fruits, veggies, and meat!


Rolling Knife Circular Kitchen Cutter with Hanging Hook - Spridi


Multi-purpose kitchen knife, cut vegetables, meat, cake, pizza, detachable, easy to clean, not hurt your hands

1. For comfort & security, place your hand around the top section of the casing with a secure grip and have thumb resting on thumb rest.

2. Place blade in contact with cutting surface and roll gently back and forth over food item .For large food such as carrots, feed food slowly toward the blade while rolling rather than moving blade to the food.

3. For safety, slow down cutting when knife approaches fingers.

4. For smaller objects such as herbs and garlic, roll blade as desired.

The Bolo Is a Rolling Knife That You Roll Back and Forth To Cut Stuff

5. For best results, roll blade without lifting it unnecessarily. If blade slips or stops rolling, relax pressure on casing, or life unit and reposition on cutting surface.

6. To chop, use the trigger/brake: Lift brake upward with forefinger to chop; release for rolling action. Minimal pressure is required. Note: brake keeps blade from freely rotating.


Net Weight :300g
Material: Stainless steel
Color: as shown 

Packing Content:
1 x Knife