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Silicone Cleaning Brush - Multifunctional

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Color: White
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It’s the brush that does it all!

This 3-in-1 multifunctional brush adopts a one-piece molding process, and the brush filaments will not fall off. Elastic bristles and fine comb teeth can clean dead corners in the kitchen. A small brush head is designed on the other end of the brush, which can quickly remove dirt in the corners of the wall.

Clean small gap: The product is light and high in color value, which can remove the pollution quickly and make a decent life in hand. Brush head small bangs, clean the small gap, the corner gap of the dirt do not let go

TPR Brush Head: This cleaning brush has hundreds of soft round heads, fine workmanship, rounded corners and texture, can wash every corner, strong decontamination without damaging the surface coating.

Sweep & Wipe Dry: There is a scraper on one side of the brush, which can easily remove wall-stains, leaving no stains and keeping the wall clean.

Easy to Clean: Just rub a few times and rinse with water. This brush is equipped with a hanging hole for easy storage, keeping a clean space and draining water.

Material: PP+TPR
Size: 25cmx6cm

Package Included:
1x Cleaning Brush