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Car Air Purifier

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Color: White with 2Filter
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Say goodbye to airbone microbes and breath healthy air.


This Car air purifier is designed to deliver fresh and clean air whether you’re at home, in the office or your car, and the sleek design may draw your attention.

Autowit Fresh Portable Air Purifier

Our purifier is a beautifully designed and flexible air purifier with CNC air inlet case for excellent venting performance. The compact cylindrical body allows you to use it in your room or car.

Autowit Fresh Portable Air Purifier

The portable air purifier comes equipped with a multi-layer filter system. The nano silver filter captures most of floccus, hair, dust, and scrap, and a HEPA Fold filter removes 99% of PM2.5, pollen, and allergens, while a charcoal filter helps reduce odors from pets, cigarette or cooking.

Furthermore, using built-in ionizer, the air purifier can produce up to 8 million negative ions PCS/cm in order to offer you clean and health air.

Autowit Fresh Portable Air Purifier

Moreover, you can also apply extra essential oil aroma diffuser refill pads to the air purifier, adding your favorite fragrance in the air. The Fresh comes with three modes: silent mode, auto made, and high-speed mode, and built-in LED indicator shows you the status of the air quality around you in real time.


Rated voltage: DC5V
Maximum power: ≤3W
Applicable space: ≤3m3
Maximum air volume: 25m³ / H
Maximum noise: ≤50dB