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Medication Reminder

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Keep your daily pills organized, and never forget to take your medication.

This pill reminder organizer easily slides into a purse or pocket, making it perfect for traveling or everyday use. It features an easy-to-set digital timer! It's also super cute! 

Timed: This is a timed reminder for 99 hours and 59 minutes countdown reminder. It reminds you to take medicine on time according to the time you set. This medicine reminder drug box will beep to remind you to take medicine when the set time arrives. 

Easy to carry: It is convenient to carry when traveling. Vitamin C and vitamin B are the carry-on items for women who love beauty. The elderly have a bad memory. There is an alarm clock in the timing medicine box to remind them.

Easy to operate: The three buttons are easy to operate, and the appearance is novel and generous, and easy to carry is a good helper for home travel.

Beeping alarm: Set the timer for up to 99 hours 59 minutes. The alarm setting period can repeat multiple times. The loud alarm beeps for 30 seconds.


The operation of setting the time as following:

1. Press MIN for the number of minutes and HR for the number of hours

2. Press START/STOP to start the timer. The symbol: on the LCD will flash when the timer is counting

3. To pause the timer, press the button START/STOP, The symbol: on the LCD stops flashing, press the button. 

4. When the set time is up, the timer will make out a beep-beep alarm to remind you

5. Press MIN and HR together to cancel the last setting press buttons

6. To reset the alarm to go off at the same time period as on the last setting, press the button START/STOP after the countdown has completed


Product Name: 2 Grid one- day timing medicine box.
Ain material: ABS+PP
Product size:1 length* 9 width 5*height 2cm
Product color :As shown in the color option attribute, Optional
Product Summary: Intelligent timing medicine box two-grid countdown medicine box

The size is measured manually. it is inevitable that there are some errors which does not affect the normal use.