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Projector Humidifier

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Humidifier with projection night life for your relaxation.

This is a great home decoration; it will make your home more attractive. It's not only a humidifier but also a LED light night lamp. This simple but unique humidifier is special designed for people who live in a hot and dry area. 

It is quiet and energy-efficient and provides effective and consistent moisture throughout the night, offering a more restful sleep and a more comfortable, relaxed morning. Make it a great and useful gift for your parents, family, friends, kids, etc.

Humidify: humidifies the air in the room regardless of summer or winter, refreshes the air quality we breathe.

Relaxation: aromatherapy, relieves strain and eases stress.

Decoration: Warms the atmosphere in the room by adding perfume or essential oil to the atomizer tank.

Long battery life: Humidifier battery can work 4-8 hours, the water tank can work 10-20 hours Built in rechargeable Lithium battery 4000mAh. Simple fashion H2O design with full-grain belt design, you can take it anyplace you want.

Important Information


Material: Nano atomizing film, LED light + electronic components, ABS+PC plastic
Product size: 202mm×122mm×119mm
Product parameters Battery specifications: 18650 lithium battery 4000mAh
Battery voltage: 3.7V
Charging voltage/current: DC5V=2A
Working current: light about 900mA/spray about 800mA, light about 4.5W/spray about 4W
Use time: Normally fully charged about 4.5H, after fully charged, the projector lamp alone is about 3.2H, the long spray is about 4H, and the interval spray is 8H. The product can be used while charging
Motor type: brush speed motor
Water tank capacity: 1000mL
Spray water volume: about 50mL/1H
Executive standard: GB4706.1-2005.GB4706.48-2009

Instructions for use:
1. Green light spray mode on the display screen: click the spray button to spray first, click the spray button to spray for the second interval, and click the spray button to spray for the third time.
2. The blue light mode of the display screen: Click the light button to turn on the blue light for the first time, the yellow light for the second time, and the red light for the third time. The fourth one turns from a single-color gradient to a two-color gradient and then a three-color gradient, and the fifth one cycles through the two-color gradient one by one. The sixth one keeps the three colors on, and the seventh one turns off the light.
The fifth time the two-color gradient is cycled in turn, the sixth time the three colors are on, and the seventh time the lights are turned off.
3. The blue and green marquee rotation mode of the display screen: long press the rotation key for the first 1.5 seconds to turn on the rotation, note (this function must be rotated when there is light working). Long press for a second time for 1.5 seconds to turn off the rotation function.
4. Display charging protection mode: select qualified DC5V=2A adapter for machine charging, the white light on the display screen will flash when charging, and the white light on the display screen will be on when the machine is working. .
A. The water used by this machine is mineral water, natural clean tap water, other water quality is not recommended.
B. Do not add (alcohol, gasoline, essential oil thinner) to the product, it will damage the product and affect the service life.
C. The product should not be soaked in water, which may cause short circuit, leakage, and damage to the product and personnel.
D. It is forbidden to use independently by children under 10 years old.