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Car Fan - Solar Powered

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Isn’t it quite annoying when you aren’t able to park your car under the shade whilst the sun is beaming down!

Solar Vehicle Exhaust Fan Turbinex™ – Trending Point

How many times have you come back to your parked car on a blistering hot day, and can hardly even sit down on your seat without burning your legs and inhaling 180 degree air into your lungs? Probably too many times to count. This handy little gadget will actually keep your car cool while you're parked on hot days by circulating the hot air out of your car even with your windows all the way up.


  • Protection Against Heat: Imagine walking up to your car, opening the door and feeling as if you have entered some Furnace! High temperature can heat up your dashboard area, seats, steering wheel, seat belts, etc, making them too hot to even touch. With Turbinx™ you can keep your car protected and interiors cool and fresh. Its high-efficiency dual fans remove the hot and unhealthy air from the inside and replace it with cool and soothing outside air, keeping you refreshed even in the midst of a heatwave.


  • Solar Powered; Eco-Friendly Design: Unlike other car ventilation systems on the market, This energy-saving fan doesn’t require any power supply to work. Its solar panels collect solar energy and within a few seconds under the direct sunlight, the device automatically starts working, blowing cool and fresh air in the sweltering heat. Turbinx™ also maintains a safe, comfortable temperature level, reducing the amount of fuel consumption and time taken by the air conditioner to cool down the cabin.


Solar Vehicle Exhaust Fan Turbinx