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Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Bounce Filter

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No more clogged sinks!! Our sink filter can effectively capture food waste while keeping water flowing freely, preventing large food particles from entering the sewer, and preventing odor and insects.

All-in-One Solution

With its water storage, anti-clogging, and odor control functions, this innovative sink drain strainer serves as a strainer, stopper, and odor filter all in one. It guarantees that your kitchen sink stays free of blockages caused by food debris.

Say Goodbye to Clogs

Our filter features an internal anti-clogging basket with 2mm holes, expertly designed to capture food debris and prevent blockages.

It also helps to eliminate odors and prevent sewage backflow, ensuring a clean and healthy kitchen environment.

Additionally, it can swiftly seal water with just a single press.

Quick Drainage & Easy Maintenance

Our filter is designed with an upgraded one-piece spring-loaded mechanism and three large drain holes for effective water flow, preventing slow drainage and blockages. Plus, it's simple to clean food waste without soiling your hands.



Product information:
Material: ABS Stainless Steel
Style :Modern Simplicity

Packing list:
1*Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Bounce Filter