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Desktop Touch lamp

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Color: Pink
Electrical outlet: USB
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Some of you are in need of a desk lamp, which is functional enough to ensure they get to solely focus on the project they are undertaking.

The Rechargeable USB Desk Lamp is a multifunctional product that has the ability to turn on and off with one touch. This lamp also has a mirror in front of it, and it's portable so you can take it anywhere. You can store your pens or other small objects, and it is a phone holder!

Modern Lamp: This sleek and modern lamp is a must-have for any desk! The Rechargeable USB Desk Lamp is perfect for anyone who needs some light while working at their desk or studying in the dark. 

One-button switch: Can be touched lightly, and you need to turn on the main power switch on the back and then touch the front button.

Multifunctional Features: It is not just a lamp, You can also use it as pencil holder and cellphone holder! With a built in mirror too! The desk lamp with a pencil holder helps you save space as two items serving different functions are integrated into one. Subsequently, this allows you to save on space that would have otherwise be occupied by separate items.

Product information:

Shade material: plastic
Switch mode: touch
Color: pink, blue, yellow
Style: modern and simple
Power supply mode: USB power supply

Packing list:

Desk lamp*1