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This Mini Folding Unmanned Aerial Vehicle takes you on a journey around the world!

The Folding Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is an innovative aerial toy you have ever seen! It is just mini size just small as a palm. So easy to set up and take off by connecting your phone with WiFi. The drone has multiple flying modes, let’s fly your own today. 

The drone’s first-person video real-time camera can capture aerial video and photos in the horizontal direction of the camera through smartphone devices (IOS and Android systems).

Multiple Flying Modes: It supports exciting flying modes with 2.4G like side-fly and 360-degree fly or free-head fly to offer you the joy of playing the aerial vehicle. 

You can switch to headless mode at any time even while in flight. No matter where the drone is, the position of the remote is now the rear of the drone. At this point, push the direction bar down and the drone will return and push the direction bar up, the drone will fly very far.

Rabing Mini FPV RC Drone

WiFi Real-Time Transmission: You can enter the real-time recording mode by connecting the drone with WiFi to view the video while flying your unmanned aerial vehicle

.Rabing Mini FPV RC Drone

Ultra Stability: There are 4 propellers in combine with the internal system, they provide a great balance to the aerial vehicle to remain at a certain height and record stable videos in the air.Rabing Mini FPV RC Drone

One-Key Position Mode: When you are encountering some obstacles or damages to the drone, there is a one-key position mode that let it be stable and turn back to normal flying position to prevent any dangers.Rabing Mini FPV RC Drone

Foldable Compact Size: Suitcase Mini Drone has a mini design which is foldable and portable to bring it everywhere and store it easily with the stylish luggage box remote package.

Rabing Mini FPV RC Drone