Toilet Lid Lifter Pedal - Hands Free

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Color: Lid lifter pink straps
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Why do you need it? The toilet lid is very dirty, and you have to bend over to carry it.

No Need to Bend Over; it is hygienic and clean. It adopts a lever principle design, which is convenient and labor-saving. 

Easy Installation and Retractable design, can be installed on both sides of the toilet, only 4 steps, easy installation the lever is retractable design, and is suitable for toilets of all heights.

  • Touchless Switch.
  •  Hands-free Cover.
  •  Isolate Bacteria.
  •  Clean and Hygienic


Product information:

Product Category: Toilet bowl cover
Material: plastic
Use: Zipper
Weight: 280g
Features: Say goodbye to the use of hand-held cover to carry the cover without bending over
Color: lid lifter + pink straps


What’s in the Box:

1 x Touchless Toilet Lid Lifter Pedal