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Cushion - Gel, Breathable Honeycomb Style

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No More back pain!

Gel Seat Cushion Seat Pad acts as a flexible cushion that improves posture and promotes extreme comfort in the buttocks and hips. We designed this cushion in order to improve your healthy lifestyle. You will forget about the pain in your back and hips.

Unique gel design: It allows you to sit in your chair for hours without getting any pain. It absorbs your weight so well that you can sit on an egg without breaking it.

Absorbent: This absorption is provided by the silicone gel and its all honeycomb structure that in addition to providing comfort allows air circulation.

Avoid back pain:
It has helped thousands of people get rid of back pain, especially by spending many hours sitting around driving, working or watching TV. It's suitable for everyday use, on any type of seat. It retains its shape even if you sit on it every day all day long!

Lumbar support: When you sit on this cushion, it collapses in on itself to provide you with optimal lumbar support and comfort. Made with ultra-flex polymer, this cushion cradles your tailbone. The honeycomb grid allows air to circulate through the cushion so it stays cool to the touch.


This cushion supports your backside and spine so well, no other seat cushions for chairs can make that promise!

The unique flex-grip honeycomb design allows air to circulate and stays cools to the touch. 

It collapses in on itself to provide you with optimal lumbar support and comfort.

Whether you need support in your computer chair, office chair, deep seat, car seat, or recliner, this cushion can help!

Retains shape, other foam cushions lose their shape after repeated use. It's durable for everyday use!

Size: 44*46*3.3 (cm)
Fabric material: tpe
Filling material: tpe
Weight: 700-1400 (g)

Package Content:
Seat Cushion x1