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Wrench Set - Automatically Adjustable

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Color: 6inch
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It's time to remove the old bolt and nut with the multifunctional wrench tool!

A household tool that has a one-key hexagon design, an all-fitting multifunctional removal wrench tool can be used in many fields! 

Bionic Grip Wrench - Must Have Stuff

Adaptive Wrench: This tool is designed for both professional and amateur to remove rusted or damaged bolts and nuts, which is often used in the automotive, bicycle, motorcycle, machinery and furniture industries. It is an essential tool for you. 

All-Fitting Multifunctional Removal Wrench Tool is a household tool with a one-key hexagon design, which has the functions of a screwdriver, ball head wrench, socket wrench, spanner, and so on.

Adjustable Magic Hexagon Wrench - - YouTube

Anywhere use: All-Fitting Multifunctional Removal Wrench Tool can be used in many fields, such as home, office, workshop, car, and so on. It has a long handle to prevent slipping.

Heavy Duty Quality: It is made of durable steel; the removal wrench is heavy-duty and sturdy in use.

Light and Durable: The most important thing is that All-Fitting Multifunctional Removal Wrench Tool is not as heavy as traditional tools, not easy to rust, and lightweight.


Size: 120mm X 200mm / 97mm X 150mm
Materials: High Carbon Steel
Surface Treatment: Hot Quenching, Buffing

Package Included
1x Magic Adaptive Hexagon Multifunctional Wrench Tool