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Microscope - USB Digital

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Discover The World In A Whole New Way.

Now, you can get up close and personal like never before, using this USB microscope camera. Including 1000x Zoom, high-power, and mobility, you can get a clear look at any object, including living things, integrated circuit boards, leaves, skin, rocks, or whatever captivates your imagination. Observe every aspect of your subject. Even the smallest of details will be clearly visible, and you can see it, with your own eyes, right on your computer screen!

SHARP & ULTRA-CLEAR IMAGE: This modern microscope is engineered with the latest image processing technology and dynamic sensors for producing crisp, high-resolution images.

REAL-TIME IMAGE ON YOUR SCREEN: You can easily connect your phone or computer to the microscope and get real-time images of the magnified objects on your screen. The microscope is compatible with your favorite devices, including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, or Linux.

1000x Wifi USB Digital Microscope

BUILT-IN PHOTO & VIDEO CAMERA: The microscope has a built-in camera for capturing photos and videos of the inspected objects. It's great for recording & documenting your work or just show off your discoveries to your friends.

1000x Wifi USB Digital Microscope

8 ULTRA-BRIGHT LED LIGHTS: The microscope is equipped with 8 LED lights so that you can illuminate the examined object and get an ultra-clear image. You can also adjust the brightness as needed - you won't have to worry about shadows or dark settings!

1000x Wifi USB Digital Microscope

LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: Unlike heavy traditional microscopes, this modern microscope is lightweight and portable so that you can easily take it with you wherever you go.

Important Information

  •  Metal
  • Package Size: 230 x 155 x 60 mm

    Accessories description:

    • 1. Digital microscope host (1 set)
    • 2. USB cable (1.5m)
    • 3. Base (1)
    • 4. CD (driver, measurement software, installation manual)

    Size Information:

    • 117 mm (length) 33 mm (outer diameter)