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Water Purifying Faucet

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Safety First! You may never know what's in your water sink!



  • Made of high-quality plastic material, not easy aging and very durable.
  • High-quality filter, removes rusts, sediments, worms, colloids, sediment and most bacteria.
  • Switchable water flow type, two water flow types: unfiltered spray or filtered spray.

  • High-speed water flow,2L/min high-speed flow rate gives you plenty of clean water instantly.

    • Quick fit tap adapter, easy installation on almost any type of tap with a screw thread
    • Quick fit cartridge, quick, easy and secure filter cartridge replacement.
    • Patented KD cartridge holder, Patented knock-down cartridge holder ensures easy replacement or cleaning for a ceramic cartridge.


    Material: plastic
    Faucet Size: 164*93*149 mm
    Core Size: 42mm*9mm
    package of core size: 46mm*46mm*97mm
    Color: White
    Filter life: 3-6 months
    Wash once every 7-10 days

    Package Content:
    1 * Water Filter
    1 * Ceramic Cartridge
    1 * Sandpaper
    1 * Universal Adapter
    3 * Internal Thread Adapter
    3 * External thread Adapter
    1* Replacement Filter