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Body Exercise Massager

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Have a full massage everywhere and anywhere!

Suitable for the person who have worked on the computer for a long time. With this the muscle fatigue will get better in a surprising way. Ergonomic pad design, enables great adhesiveness to the shoulder. Effectively promotes local blood circulation, relaxes local muscles and relieves fatigue.

Creative 5 Massage modes: Acupuncture / Hand Massage / Rub-Down / Tapping (Normal) / Tapping (Strong)


Multiple modes and intensity levels: There are different intensity levels for each mode (scraping, massage, tapping, acupuncture, etc.) Users can choose different intensities according to individual needs. There are 5 modes and 10 intensities available to aid muscle growth and fat burning. Next, select a suitable mode at a comfortable intensity level to train your muscles. The massager is excellent in its comfort and portability, but its massage power is strong enough for you to get a fulfillment.

Helps relieve tiredness: Relax muscles, improve blood circulation, and burn fat. Unlike the existing general massage devices that only rub the outside of the muscles, the CLOBO massager is also used to stimulate the inside of the muscles, to effectively improve blood circulation for quick recovery from fatigue.

Easy to carry: Universal massager for full body such as back, shoulder, abdomen, waist, hip, leg. Mini size, portable and easy. Self-training at home in gym and office. Easy to train. Our massager can be used everywhere. Customers who have placed the massager on their legs to stand up and on their shoulders to work on the computer have told us how to improve their muscle fatigue in an amazing way.

Product information:

Usage mode: A~F (6 modes are optional)

Gear position: 1~10 (10 gear positions are adjustable)

Frequency: 1~100Hz

Automatic shutdown: 12 minutes

Output current: 9.8mA maximum

Massage area: neck/back/waist/buttocks//hands/legs


Packing list:


1 x Massager